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CerBond® is a unique chemical formula designed to smooth internal engine surfaces by taking advantage of the internal operating temperatures and pressures of your engine. This creates a glassy smooth surface, filling pits and grooves in much the same way a high-quality wax seals and protects fine wood furniture.

The results are astounding:
  • Increased compression yields more complete combustion
  • Increased horsepower due to less friction
  • Decreased blow-by keeps oil cleaner
  • Decrease in internal operating temperatures
  • Dramatic emission reduction

See the difference!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long before it begins working?
CerBond™ begins to work immediately as you begin the run up procedures following installation. Be sure not to change the oil until you have driven 1,500 miles after treatment or you will lose some of the CerBond™ and thus lose some of the benefits. After 1,500 miles, CerBond™ has cured as designed and will not leave the metal during oil changes, etc.

Does it work with any fuel source?
Yes, CerBond™ will work with any engine or mechanism regardless of the fuel source (gasoline, diesel, hydrogen, natural gas, propane<85>, etc).

What can be treated?
CerBond™ works with Engines, Gears, Bearings, or any metal-to-metal friction environment where lubrication is present.

Does CerBond void any warranty?
No, CerBond™ does not void warranties and is 100% guaranteed.